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“ Welcome to St. Patrick Parish in Sturgis Saskatchewan”

About our Parish:


St. Patrick Church history 1933-2018

Our earliest history speaks of many visiting priests from Yorkton, mainly the Redemptorist who visited once a month. The first church was built in 1912 but the priests were left to find lodging in homes or the hotel.

The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate have continued sending priests to minister in our church since 1933 when Fr. John Bednarz arrived and a year later was replaced by fr. Thomas Novak. Fr. Novak spent 24 years at St. Patrick making a big impact on the growth of the parish. He had the rectory built in 1941. By 1958 when Fr. Joe Kucharczyk arrived it was time to built a bigger church which was completed and blessed in 1962. It was Fr. Jerry Talarski's job when he arrived in 1963 to complete the church. He celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood in 1981 and served for 23 years in the parish. Fr. John Szkodzinski replaced Fr.Jerry Talarski in 1986. Other succeeding priests who have served our parish were Fr. Frank Frazik 1990-92, Fr. Adam Filas 1992-96, Fr. Casimir Krystkowiak 1996-99, Fr. Andrzej Sowa 1999-2005, Fr. Antoni Degutis 2005-08, Fr. Marcin Mironiuk 2008-2017 and our present pastor Fr. Michal Pajak, who arrived on September 1, 2017.

On the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in North Amercica, in 1992, Fr. Frazik consecrated our parish to Our Lady of Guadalupe. As part of this consecration the rosary was to be prayed every Sunday before Mass, apractise we undertake to this day. We pray for intentions requested by the parishioners.

In 1995, Fr.Filas took on the pastoral duties at St. Stephen's, Kamsack, St. Philip's and the reserves of Keeseekoose and Cote, while serving Sturgis, St. Thomas, Norquey and St. Leo's Rockford. For a time the priest would spend a week living in Kamsac and a week in Sturgis. Sunday Celebration of the Word with Communion service was alternately held in parishes once a month. Fr. Krystkowiak organized the order of the service for the service for the Lay Presiders who attended Lay Presider's workshops. He celebrated his 40th Anniversary of ordination to the Priesthood in 1998.

Fr. Andrzej Sowa changed the pastoral care boundary in February 2000 and took over former Oblates Parishes of St. Anne's, Buchanan and St. Anthony's, Rama while the priest from Canora served Kamsac and St. Philip's.

Fr. Filas, with the help of parishioners Gless Desroches undertook renovations in the Church sanctuary the included a new tabernacle and stand, and a new cross with special lighting effects. Stained glass windows from Holy Ghost Church in Winnipeg were installed in the sanctuary and the choir loft.

Our Millenium project was the construction of a Bell Tower initiated by Fr. Andrzej Sowa with architect David Sliwa. It was blessed on October 1, 2000.

On the 75th anniversary of the parish when the Pastor was Fr. Marcin Mironiuk we did a canopy for the front entrance of the church. The exterior siding and shingles was being replaced.

The Catholic Woman's League of Canada has two council in the parish, the Preecville Council and the Sturgis Council.

"I am a servant in Christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." St. Patrick