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"I am a servant in Christ to a foreign nation for the unspeakable glory of life everlasting which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." St. Patrick

“ Welcome to St. Patrick Parish in Sturgis in Saskatchewan”

Message from Pastor:


“Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?”

We all know from catechism class that God gave Moses ten commandments.  But in the centuries after Moses, Israel became dissatisfied with just these ten.  Like children who argue against their parents, the people of Israel nit-picked the Ten Commandments in order to justify themselves and their actions.  So the leaders of Israel added smaller and more particular commandments in order to prop up the Ten.  By the time of Jesus, the common teaching of the Law of Israel involved 613 commandments.

From the Commandments that deal with “loving our neighbor”, the Jewish scholars of the law produced 14 particular commandments about business practices, 19 about employees, servants and slaves, 36 about courts and judicial procedure, eleven about property rights, seven about criminal law, and 24 about punishment and restitution.  Yet that doesn’t exhaust the commands to “love our neighbor”!  When you turn to “loving God”, the lists of commandments are even longer, including 33 about the Temple and sacred objects, 46 about idolatry, and 102 about sacrifices and offerings!  With 613 commandments, it was easy for the average Jew to lose focus.  Jesus wanted to bring a focus to God’s command to love Him first and foremost:  “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the greatest and the first commandment.”

But it’s interesting what happens next.  The scholar of the law didn’t ask Jesus which commandment in the law is the second greatest.  Yet Jesus tells Him anyway.  Maybe you know people who answer your questions like this:  you ask them one question, but their answer is the answer to a different question.  God is like this in our prayer at times.  God always answers our prayers, but He doesn’t always answer in the way we hope.  Sometimes His answer doesn’t seem to correspond at all to what we were talking to Him (or maybe at Him) about.  However, when God changes the subject of the conversation, maybe it’s better to turn the conversation over to Him and spend more time listening.

In today’s Gospel Reading, when Jesus gives the answer to a question that the scholar didn’t ask, He makes clear that the second-greatest commandment is very important.  Reflect for a moment on the Ten Commandments:  out of the ten, the first three are about loving your God, and the latter seven are about loving your neighbor.  Why are there more than twice as many commands about “loving your neighbor” than there are about “loving your God”?  It’s not because loving your neighbor is twice as important as loving your God.  More likely, it because loving your neighbor is twice as difficult as loving your God.  The English writer G. K. Chesterton once observed that “The Bible tells us to love our neighbours, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people!”

Why is Chesterton right?  Why, so often, are our neighbors also our enemies?  In this second-greatest commandment, when Jesus commands you to love your neighbor as yourself, He’s not using the word “neighbor” as we might be tempted to do.  We, in our fallen human nature, want to shrink the meaning of “neighbor” to as few people as possible.  That’s why Jesus told the Parable of the Good Samaritan:  so that His followers would see every human being as their neighbor.

So the second-greatest command is to love every human being as yourself.  That’s very daunting.  It’s impossible to carry out without divine grace.  To love is to follow the Spirit of the law.  To love is to fulfill the letter of the law, instead of circumventing its intent.  To love is even to go beyond the law, because the law is only a guide pointing in the direction that love will take us.  The law isn’t meant to tell us where to stop.

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6.00 pm - Adoration and Holy Rosary

7.00 pm - Holy Mass


9.00 am - Holy Mass

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time 

9.00 am - Holy Mass

CWL Communiques


-         Parish CWL Executive are asked to retain their current positions for one more year.  All levels of the CWL have been asked to do the same.


-        We are able to meet in person, if we choose, AND if we can meet following guidelines (hand sanitizing, 6 feet apart, wearing masks).


-        The Provincial CWL has purchased a one-year subscription to GoToMeeting – an online meeting platform, that we can use.


-        CWL Memberships are still required.  We are to begin collecting memberships for the 2021 year.  Deadline for collection is January 1, 2021.  We are encouraged to continue to reach out to other women (via phone call, virtual meeting) to encourage them, and ask them to join the CWL.


-        Annual Diocesan Convention – if we wish to donate to their charity of choice – the Seminarian Fund – we are to sent a cheque payable to the Regina CWL Diocesan Council.


-        Have to come up with innovative fundraising, or promote spiritual practices.


-        This year is the 100th Anniversary of the CWL.  We still have time to plant a tree in our Parishes to commemorate this milestone.  Deadline has been extended to July, 2021.


-        Pope Francis has proclaimed October is Missionary Month.  We are asked if our CWL would consider making donations to Catholic Missions of Canada, or the World Union of Catholic Women.


-        Pope Francis has composed a prayer to our Mother Mary for the Health of the Sick and an end to the Coronavirus.  This prayer is on the Nation website under Pope Francis’ prayer to Mary.


-        Prayer for Renewal is also on the website.


-        World Council of Churches have released a document on “Interreligious Solidarity” – and it is available at PCID-WCC Serving-a-Wounded World.pdf


-        Catholic Near East Welfare Association is collecting money to help Beirut.


-        October 16 is World Food Day


-        November 15 is World Day of the Poor


-        Regina Diocesan Council Annual Report 2019 is available.







SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time


11.00 am - Holy Mass

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

12.15 pm - Holy Mass


You’re Invited for Celebration of St. Anthony’s 100th anniversary-Rama,SK

Friday, July 2,2021

7:00 pm – Mission & Mass
• Fr.Andrzej Sowa omi

Saturday, July 3, 2021

3:00 pm - Mass - Archbishop Don Bolen 5:00 pm – Banquet &

 Sunday, July 4, 2021
12:15 pm – Mass

Blessing of Graves at parish cemetery Bar-B-Q lunch

RSVPby.....April1, or

- Registration Fee: $15.00 for adults or $30.00 per family
- Banquet: $25.00 ( 13 and over)
                     12 and under FREE
- Sunday  Bar-B-Q: $10.00
- History Book: $50.00 (MUST BE PRE-ORDERED)
      Note: Limited number, to ensure you receive a copy, payment must be received   
                  By APRIL 1st, 2021.

APRIL 1st, 2021.    ( Space is limited)
Make your cheque payable to: ST. ANTHONY'S 100th ANNIVERSARY
MAIL TO: St. Anthony's Parish
                   Box 1
                   Rama, Sk.   S0A 3H0


Anyone interested in being a sponsor for the 100th History Book for St. Anthony's Church may choose one of the following categories:

          DIAMOND: $2000.00 plus
          PLATINUM: $1000.00
          GOLD: $500.00
          BRONZE:$ 100.00

Your donation will be acknowledged in the History Book and MUST be received before August 31,2020.
Please make your cheque payable to:  St. Anthony's Church,  Box 1,   RAMA,SK   S0A 3H0
Tax receipts will be issued. Thank you for your generosity!



St. Anthony's Church in Rama will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary on 
July 3 ,2021. A history book is in the making so information from anyone 
Re: church/grotto would be greatly appreciated! Historical photos of church/grotto or events as well descendants from Europe(if possible) with names attached would be most valuable !
All photos will be scanned and returned.

All submissions for history book MUST  be submitted no later than August 31,2020.

Information may be sent to:
St. Anthony's Church
P.O. Box 1
Rama, SK. S0A 3H0
Or.... email:
Updated info will be available on website: or 


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time

 12.15 pm - Holy Mass

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25, 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time

 11.00 am - Holy Mass




 12.35 pm - Holy Rosary

1.00 pm - Holy Mass

 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 , 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

 3.30 pm - Holy Rosary

 4.00 pm - Holy Mass






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